Spray Wash PRO offers a multitude of learning tools and resources to fit the needs of all of our members from those just starting out to long-term professionals who are always working to stay on top of the competition.


Resources. Network. Experts.

Whether you’re just starting out in the cleaning industry or you’re a professional looking to grow your business, Spray Wash PRO has the resources, networks, and experts to help you get to the next level. If your business and your knowledge aren’t growing, then your competition is catching up to you. After all the hard work you’ve put in to getting this far, don’t let yourself or your business slide backwards. Join Spray Wash PRO today for incredible benefits, including:

  • Job referrals from other professionals
  • *Exclusive educational resources on everything from power washing to marketing to growing your business
  • Exclusive access to vendor discounts
  • Powerful certifications that prove your reliability to potential customers

With Our Network, You Won’t Be Alone.

Starting out in the cleaning business can be lonely and harsh. Without a support network, many people new to the business lose motivation and direction. It can hard to build a business alone and even harder to do it without having anyone to talk to about it. But you don’t have to do it alone.

Spray Wash PRO offers its members a variety of tools and resources to connect and stay motivated. For example. one of our most popular features, the monthly success interview, where we select one of our members for a video interview to discuss their path to success and what they learned along the way. It’s both a celebration of achievement and a practical discussion of tips, tricks, tools, and ideas that help cleaning businesses grow and flourish. Our members find the interviews both practical and inspiring.

Alongside the interviews, Spray Wash PRO has a weekly motivational podcast designed to help create a community within the power washing profession. It’s easier to succeed with a team of experts who’ve been where you are than it is to go alone.

Membership Is Affordable

Just $199 upfront then $49/month
Just $499 upfront then $199/year

  • Spray Wash PRO is the premier organization for the networking, education, and advancement of the power washing and cleaning industry.
  • Our members get exclusive access to educational resources that will help their businesses manage risk and grow successfully.
  • Spray Wash PRO membership is viewed as a mark of quality by customers across North America.
  • Setting industry standards and elevating everyone in the trade helps all of us maintain the respect of our customers and grows our wages.
  • The sooner you join, the sooner you can take your business to the next level. Don’t put your future on hold.

What’s Included

Repeat customers are the backbone of any successful business. Maintaining customer relationships takes work and experience. Yes, you can learn the hard way by making mistakes over many, many years. That’s always an option. But why spend years figuring out how to effectively grow your business when you can join a network of experts dedicated to sharing their unrivalled knowledge and helping each other succeed? Don’t risk making the mistake that will damage a customer’s property and lose you their business forever. Arm yourself with knowledge compiled by experts over decades of experience and leave your customers impressed every time.

  • SDS Sheets at your fingertips
  • Vital OSHA and Industry Links
  • Members only discounts from Vendor Sponsors
  • Access to pre-made content for printed material
  • Referral Network
  • Instructional Video Series with ongoing new content
  • Taxation and State Requirement Info for your State
  • Workers Compensation and unemployment links and information
  • ...Plus much more!


Spray Wash PRO works hard to educate our members about every single aspect of the industry. From helping our members understand public and private bidding processes to establishing best practices when working with specific building materials, we teach our members how to achieve new levels of success.

If you’re newer to the industry and still have questions about appropriate pressures, tools, chemicals, and procedures, you’re not alone. With the explosion of internet forums on mediums like Facebook, many of our professional members have seen questions like “I just got a contract to clean this shopping center, how do I do this?” In cases like this, Spray Wash PRO can help in multiple ways. On a basic level, our resources can teach you how to plan and execute a job from start to finish in almost any location, environment, and situation.

You don’t have to guess and you don’t have to risk getting disastrous advice from strangers on the internet. Why risk your business by getting critical advice from unreliable sources? Spray Wash PRO can connect you with manufacturer recommendations and experienced professional advice to ensure that every job you take on becomes a huge success.


Can’t I Just Go At It Alone?

Of course you can, but why would you want to? No matter how smart or how careful anyone is, they make mistakes when starting a new business. Sometimes those mistakes are small and leave no lasting impact. But, when you’re dealing with building materials that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, using the wrong pressure setting or the wrong cleaning solution could bankrupt your business before you’ve had a chance to get off the ground. Why take such a huge risk when you don’t have to?

A wise person once said that being smart means learning from your mistakes, but being wise means learning from the mistakes of others. The professionals behind Spray Wash PRO didn’t have an organization like this to help them when they were starting out, so they made just about every mistake there was to make. That collective wisdom is now available for our members to help them avoid the same pitfalls. The personal, professional, and educational resources available through Spray Wash PRO will help you avoid the common mistakes of the industry. More importantly, becoming a member isn’t just about protecting yourself, it’s about growing your business and blowing by the competition. If you want to take the slower, riskier path, that’s your choice. But if you want to protect your business and your future, become a PRO today.

Every serious skilled profession has an organization dedicated to maintaining professional standards, education, and member networks. For professionals in the cleaning industry, that organization is Spray Wash PRO. Being seen as a professional can make the difference between landing the biggest clients and being stuck with small jobs forever. Set yourself apart from the amateurs whose inexperience gives our industry a bad name. Set yourself up for successes.