Spray Wash Pro is a private FOR PROFIT membership club and trade association. Membership shall be approved only by owners of Spray Wash Pro or their assignees. Members to be in good standing, possessing acceptable moral character and are encouraged to follow the best business practices available in the cleaning industry (i.e. carrying proper insurance, vetting of employees, participating in continuing education, fair and honest trade practices, etc.)

I hereby authorize SWP to effect payment for dues and membership charges for the duration of my membership through electronic funds transfer, this authorization is to remain in effect until SWP has received written notification or cancellation in writing 30 days prior to requested cancellation date.

Cancellation of membership: Membership may be revoked for specific cause or violation of SWP ethical code by SWP owners/advisory board on a case-by-case basis. Revoked membership is non-refundable. Membership may be canceled by members by submitting a request to the membership portal at Monthly billings shall be billed to the end of the next calendar month after the request is received should a member choose to cancel. Annual memberships will not be pro-rated should they be canceled.

Lapse of membership: Should paid membership dues lapse for 90 consecutive days, membership will be considered terminated. A reinstatement fee of $49.00 plus repayment of dues in arrears will be charged to renew/reinstate membership.

All original materials contained on website, classes and events are copyrighted material and MAY NOT BE USED without written consent of Spray Wash Pro.

All information presented at Spray Wash Pro is for informational purposes ONLY. It is recommended to independently verify any and all information presented herein. Spray Wash Pro is not offering legal or financial information or any advice is not meant to serve as a substitute for an attorney, CPA, nor any other licensed professionals. Spray Wash Pro and its assigns accept no liability or responsibility for omission of information, improperly used resources, chemicals, practices, safety, equipment, and/or training.

Membership entitles user ONE login and password per account. Membership will not be shared with outside parties or separate companies.

Membership not valid until dues are paid and membership number assigned.

Complete applications may take up to three (3) weeks to be processed.

Login information to the Spray Wash Pro website will be sent to the email you provide. Please make sure all information is complete and accurate.

Personal attacks on other SWP members on SWP/SWA sponsored social media or SWP website and/or forums will not be tolerated. Violations of these rules may range from temporary suspension of membership privileges to social media/and forum sites to outright cancelation of membership. Please behave with respect and decorum towards your fellow members.

Terms of services may be changed as needed, for latest updates, please check out

By signing this agreement, you agree to these terms cited herein and future updated terms of service and membership.