Professional power washing is great for your business and your budget. Regular power washing keeps your property looking new, clean, and inviting to customers and residents. .


Your Pro Cleaner Can Help You Understand:

  • The insurance requirements and needs you face.
  • The local and state regulations regarding water reclamation and discharge.
  • How the EPA’s CWA (Clean Water Act) can impact your cleaning.
  • How OSHA regulation can impact you and the company you hire.
  • What licenses and permits may be required to complete your cleaning.
  • What frequency of cleanings your need.
  • How to save money on exterior maintenance by proper cleaning.

Protecting Your Business

Professional power washing is great for your business and your budget. Regular power washing keeps your property looking new, clean, and inviting to customers and residents. It also greatly extends the life of your building by preventing the growth of destructive plant life like algae, mold, and fungus. While this cleaning is important for your business, hiring professional power washers is equally important.

Yes, cost is a critical consideration when hiring a cleaning service, but it’s important not to let perceived short term savings result in massive long term costs. Though cheap options might be appealing when reviewing proposals, it’s necessary to consider the full cost of improper power washing.  That’s why smart property managers only hire certified Spray Wash PRO members. Our professional experts have the deep knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in any job.


Regular Maintenance Is Key

Once a building has become covered in mold, algae, moss, and mildew, power washing can help it look much better, but it will never look as good as it could have with regular cleaning that prevented contaminated plant life from growing in the first place. The dirt, oils, plant life, and other issues that break down building materials leave permanent damage even after they’re cleaned off.

Trusting a contractor to work on your property is no small thing. You’re trusting that person to do quality work, keep your property safe, and leave your property better than it was when they arrived.


What To Look For When Hiring A Cleaning Company

The most important issue when evaluating a potential hire for your power washing needs is proper insurance. A professional power washer will have liability and worker’s compensation insurance. This protects your business in case of damage or to your property or accidents. The next thing to look for is a proper reference. This should include both past customers and a check to see whether the company you’re hiring is part of a professional organization like Spray Wash PRO. Making these checks will ensure that you get the highest quality work and that your property is protected from amateurs whose inexperience may cause permanent damage.

Finally, though all power washing professionals should be in compliance with Environmental Protection Agency requirements and OSHA regulations, you should also ask about any local or state environmental regulations relevant to cleaning your property. A serious PRO will know the law around cleaning, chemical use, water runoff, and water reclamation, and how those relate to your specific project. Don’t risk being in violation of environmental laws. Hire a Spray Wash PRO who understands all the needs of your situation.

No Job Is Too Big

Spray Wash PRO is a national service provider for professional power washing and cleaning services. When you hire a Spray Wash PRO, you can fee confident that you’re getting an industry leading expert with the tools, resources, and knowledge to take great care of your property while cleaning it. Our nationwide organization can connect you with the best power washing services available.  With an unmatched level of experience, Spray Wash PRO is the number one national service provider for commercial power washing.


Cleaning That’s Effective, Not Disruptive

When you hire a company to clean your property, you’re hiring workers that will interact with you customers, employees, and residents. It’s crucial that the company you hire understands how to operate without interfering with your business or disrupting your customers. Spray Wash PRO members have access to special training which helps them to deal with the public, minimizing liability and risk for the contractor and business owner alike. Our PROs are dedicated to quality service and it shows.


Our Pros Know How To Handle
Multi-Residential Cleaning

Home Owner Associations and Condo Owner Associations have their own special set of needs. Our PRO members know the ins-and-outs of dealing with HOA and COA cleanings. They understand what the managers and residents expect, and more importantly, how to keep all the residents safe during the cleaning process without damaging property. Our goal is to clean with minimal disruption and leave your property looking fantastic.

Cleaning Is Great For Your Bottom Line

A clean business is the sign of a good business. Whatever industry you’re in, clients, customers, residents, and guests all feel more comfortable walking into a clean building. Aside from attracting customers, a clean property also means less risk of slip and fall accidents and law suits due to slick sidewalks or neglected walkways. Our PROs can help you create a maintenance schedule to ensure that your property stays in excellent shape for decades to come.  Neglecting your property can result in huge and unexpected bills. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that dirt and mild on your property are merely cosmetic issues. Corrosive plant life can cause structural damage to your property that affects the health and safety of your customers, residents, and employees.