Spray Wash PRO is ready and able to help municipalities across the United States with questions about Best Management Practices and hiring requirements for power washing professionals.


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Spray Wash PRO is ready and able to help municipalities across the United States with questions about Best Management Practices and hiring requirements for power washing professionals. We have the experience necessary to help you understand the details of power washing, environmental regulations, and how the two intersect. Spray Wash PRO can help your municipality decipher the codes and find the right contractor who is equipped to handle your project whether it involves water reclamation, sensitive natural areas, or other ecological concerns.

Also, due to our extensive national and international reach, we can help coordinate larger scale cleanup efforts to assist areas affected by disaster. PRO contractors have the means to remove ash and fire retardants from rooftops and structures after wildfires, clean and sanitize after floodwaters, and collectively attack disaster areas as a united front of contractors. The faster your cleanup occurs, the quicker the return to normalcy is for citizens.

Trusting a contractor to work on your buildings is no small thing. You’re trusting that person to do quality work, keep your employees safe, and leave your building better than it was when they arrived.


What You Need To Know When Hiring A Power Washing Professional

We understand the requirement for municipalities to accept the lowest bid for a project, but we also understand that for skilled work, there are additional restrictions that must be considered. No municipality would accept a bid for a construction project from a company without proper insurance or certifications from their trade organizations. But, due to lack of understanding, many municipalities don’t have specific requirements for companies bidding on public contracts. This failure to realize that power washing is a highly skilled trade where serious damage can be done to property and public safety when amateurs are hired, results in expensive mistakes.

Hire Correctly

The simple way to prevent damage to public buildings or infrastructure is to treat power washing as the skilled trade it is. This means only hiring contractors with appropriate insurance for their business, vehicles, and employees. Additionally, it means giving weight to professional certifications that demonstrate competence and knowledge when handling powerful equipment and serious chemicals. When including these factors in the bidding and selection process, municipalities actually save a great deal of money by avoiding the selection of amateurs who may accidently deface public property in lasting ways.

Public Safety Comes First

Depending on the surface and building materials, power washing can be done with harsh chemicals. When done correctly, there is virtually no danger to the public, to the water supply, or the plant life. However, many amateur power washers do not understand best practices in this area resulting in danger to the public, violations of EPA regulations, chemical contamination of ground water and dead plant and animal life. Aside from the danger to the public, these issues also expose municipalities to costly litigation. All of this is avoidable by hiring a Spray Wash PRO.


In Summary...

Hire a Professional!

Power washing is a highly skilled profession. Hiring an amateur puts your family’s safety and your property at real risk.

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Spray Wash PRO has the expert professionals you can trust to clean your property quickly, safely, and effectively.

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