Our Mission is to educate the world about power washing as a highly skilled trade and help our members learn, grow, connect, and succeed.




Spray Wash PRO is the definitive professional organization and voice for the power washing trade. Our board is comprised of industry professionals and business owners with decades of collective experience. We help train and educate professional cleaners in industry best practices and business strategy. We help them connect with other professionals and vendors to grow, bond and achieve success in the cleaning industry. Spray Wash PRO also assists governments, corporations, and homeowners in their search for the best professional cleaners.

The cleaning industry is full of amazing professionals, but with same-day business cards and cheap websites, it’s sometimes hard for people to differentiate between real PROs and amateurs with recently purchased power washers. Our certifications help customers make safe and informed decisions in a crowded marketplace.


How We Standardize The Industry

The more power washers with expert level skills and knowledge there are, the sooner the rest of society will understand that power washing and cleaning is a highly skilled trade – and deserves to be paid as such.

Almost no one would trust their new car to be repaired by someone with an ad on Craig’s List who just bought some tools at Home Deport last week. Almost no one would trust someone inexperienced to tear up and replace the roof on their family’s home. But, unfortunately, many people hire amateurs with a newly purchased power washer and little idea what they’re doing. This presents a few problems. Not only do these amateurs accept much lower wages than they could be earning, but they often cause permanent damage to customer property.

The low price charged by amateurs leaves customers thinking that power washing is unskilled work and the damage done to property leaves many with a negative view of cleaners in general. If you make a mistake, it will hurt your business. It’s frustrating, but it’s fair. What isn’t fair is that when other power washers make mistakes and ruin property, it makes your potential customers view you with suspicion. The entire profession is hurt every time an amateur destroys a customer’s property. This is both frustrating and totally avoidable.

At Spray Wash PRO, we believe that we’re stronger together. By educating and training new cleaners, we elevate their skills and the entire market for all of our services. Better trained power washers mean better reputations and higher wages for all of us. By setting industry standards and educating our members on how to achieve and maintain those standards, Spray Wash PRO is creating a world where our members all make more money and customers across the nation respect the power washing industry as the highly skilled, well paid profession that it is.

A Better Way Forward.

We’re often asked why we would want to help other people in the same industry we’re in. Though lots of people think that way, we believe that it’s a very shortsighted view for many reasons. First, in a skilled trade like power washing, there are a lot of variables to understand to avoid damaging property. By going alone, you’re taking huge risks that are both expensive and totally unnecessary. Refusing to educate yourself about the industry makes as much sense a refusing to check a map before traveling somewhere you’ve never been before. Sure, you might still get to your destination, but it’ll take much longer and you’ll waste a lot of time. If you don’t want to maximize your earning power and minimize the risks to your business, by all means, refuse the help.

Even if you’re an established professional who doesn’t feel like they need any education on power washing topics, the networking and referrals available to Spray Wash PRO members can help you take your business to the next level..

Meet the Board

Ray Burke

Spray Wash Exterior Cleaning

Ray began pressure washing in late 2009 simply as a way of trying to feed his family. He made most of the common mistakes that any pressure washing guy would. After getting involved with industry organizations, Ray became a national speaker and trainer… when he’s not managing the day-to day crew activities at Spray Wash Exterior Cleaning.

Tonya Burke

Spray Wash Exterior Cleaning

Tonya is pure energy! Her non-stop effervescent personality acts as the glue that holds Spray Wash Exterior Cleaning together on a daily basis. As salesperson, administrator, and scheduler, Tonya understands the needs that a cleaning business faces. She also understands the customer’s psyche and how to sell! Tonya has spent her life in sales, and prides herself on delivering excellent customer service. It's just one of the many facets that keeps Spray Wash as Tallahassee’s finest cleaning company!

Doug Gore

Owner of Cajun Soft Wash in Baton Rouge, LA

Doug has become known as an expert when it comes to soft washing. Doug launched Cajun Soft Wash in February of 2013 with $40,000 in credit card debt and on the verge of losing his home. Using his sales and marketing skills, Doug was closing over $200,000 a year in sales by the end of his second year. Doug has also become known in the industry for his truly groundbreaking plant and property protection initiatives and has helped countless contractors in need!