Spray Wash PRO is dedicated to maintaining the highest professional standards so that you can be 100% confident that any PRO you hire to clean your property will do an exceptional job.


Keeping Your Family Safe

Some cleaning products can cause respiratory issues or harm to plant and animal life if handled improperly. When hiring a random cleaner to power wash your home, it can be hard to know whether you’ve made a safe choice. That’s why you should only ever hire a certified Spray Wash PRO. Our PROs have access to the most in depth knowledge and training to ensure that they understand how to clean your property while keeping your family safe. Amateur power washers who don’t know industry best practices and who don’t guard against chemicals contaminating your property can do lasting damage. Don’t take risks with your family’s safety.


Consider The Long Term Cost

In the age of internet advertisements and cheap websites, almost anyone can claim to be a professional power washer. Without knowing anything about the industry, it can be hard to know you’re making a mistake until it’s too late. We’ve heard from many homeowners who hired what they thought was a cheap power washing company only to experience shockingly expensive damage.

Sadly, it’s not surprising how much damage a well-meaning, but untrained, individual can do with a Home Depot pressure washer. Our PRO Contractors are trained on the latest techniques and equipment and have access to a vast support network of other qualified cleaners. PRO contractors are verified as being insured and registered as a business (if applicable) in their area. We stress ongoing training to our members so hiring a PRO contractor gives you assurance that you have selected the very best in the business.

Trusting a contractor to work on your home is no small thing. You’re trusting that person to do quality work, keep your family safe, and leave your home better than it was when they arrived.


Exterior Cleaning

Nature is constantly attacking your home and property. Mildew, algae, molds, and the other decomposers of nature seek to break down your exterior coatings and prematurely age your property. A property cleaning can reverse the aging that Mother Nature causes, effectively “resetting the clock” on exterior wear and tear. Whether your exterior surface is aluminum, vinyl, stone, brick, stucco, wood or other materials, your PRO professional understands what it needs to be rejuvenated. Many of our PRO contractors utilize eco-friendly products so potential damage to your landscaping and property is minimized.

Roof Cleaning

Ever notice dark steaks on your roof, or do your live in an area where ferns, lichen, and fungi grow on your shingles or roof tiles? PRO cleaners understand the proper techniques to clean these surfaces. There are very specific ways to clean asphalt shingles as outlined by ARMA (Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association), and our PRO members follow those guidelines. Improper roof cleaning can actually cause irreparable damage and take years off the life span of your roof. Our PRO members understand how to properly clean and restore your roof’s finish, reflective qualities, and original color without causing damage. Don’t risk your roof to amateurs.

Window Cleaning

Most of PRO specialists are well versed in window cleaning, from traditional mop and squeegee work to advanced techniques. Improper cleaning can leave scratches, cause fogging, or even breakage. Modern technology using pure RO/DI water, water-fed poles, and new attachments has made window cleaning safer, more efficient, and more affordable than ever before. New products can remove mineral deposits, calcium build-up and leave your windows looking brand new.

In Summary...

Hire a Professional!

Power washing is a highly skilled profession. Hiring an amateur puts your family’s safety and your property at real risk.

We Are Your Resource.

Spray Wash PRO has the expert professionals you can trust to clean your property quickly, safely, and effectively.

Protect Your Investment!

Delaying cleaning can cause unnecessary damage to your home and property. Don’t wait until it’s too late.